Is Wembley sale good for English football?

Shahid Khan’s offer of £800 Million to purchase England’s iconic Wembley stadium from FA sparked a lot of debate. The million dollar question is, how could this sale (or a similar one) benefit English football?

We take a look at how things might pan out if Khan becomes the majority shareholder of the stadium to open up the discussion over  whether it is good business for the FA and England at large.

The possible outcome after the Wembley Stadium sale

Wembley stadium has been a very successful business project for the FA, even though there are still debts that need to be paid. The construction of the stadium cost approximately £757m with £113m not yet paid. The sale of the stadium might be a good deal in the sense that the FA can use the £800m from Khan to invest in grassroots football which is the plan. Then they will be also able to pay the remaining £113m and clear their debts. Maybe top rated online casinos owners could use this opportunity to invest.

Investing in grassroots football means that the FA will have to build new training ground facilities. According to former football players and other soccer pundits, they have backed the sale of Wembley stadium supporting the grassroots football project.

According to former Arsenal player Nigel Winterburn,

“It looks like a fabulous opportunity, and if you ask me, we need to take it. We want a successful England team. The more youngsters we can get playing, that can get good coaching and can play on quality pitches surely that has to help England in the long run.”

Above all, the FA has only owned the Wembley Stadium for 19 years and for 95 years Wembley had been a private property which was not in the hands of the Football Association. So the sale cannot be something new to them. To clear the air football fans must keep in mind that the stadium will remain England’s home ground.

Is Wembley sale good for English football?

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