How football is sponsored by the casino business


For a very long time, sports have been embedded in the gambling industry. If you visit popular and fast payout casino sites that offer rapid withdrawal methods and numerous gaming opportunities, you’ll find that they feature sportsbooks with many sport betting options. This allows sports fans to bet on matches, players, adding even more thrill to game watching.

Are football games sponsored by casino?

Gambling companies often sponsor such events for the obvious reason – to attract sports fans to their sportsbooks. When you watch matches, you can see an ad for a 10 pound minimum deposit online casino where you’ll be able to gamble for minimal amounts, claim bonuses and still get a chance at significant wins. This is yours and the low deposit casino’s opportunity to entice you to place real-time wagers without much effort. According to BBC and researchers at Goldsmith, gambling logos and branding appear on screen up to 89% of matches.

Casinos are known to sponsor teams, but also matches. If you’re following sports, notice how often there are signs at the stands and stadiums in the form of casino sponsorship. For example, Stoke City is owned by the company that owns the Bet365 company – and stadium. So, when you watch a match online, you’ll find many logos across the fields.

Football teams that accepted casino money

The Guardian has reported that half of the Premier League clubs have at least one casino sponsor on their players’ shirts. They’ve also pointed out that, fro 24 clubs in this Championship, 17 already have a gambling sponsor.

Casinos love to spread the word around and invest in what they offer. Since they feature football matches as part of their betting options, it’s only natural that they’ll sponsor some of the teams. Fans can see the logo of a sportsbook on the players’ clothing, open the site, and place the bet on their favourite team. In addition to watching sports, they can now take some action, making this a great adventure for football fans. Some teams that accepted money from casinos are:

  • West Ham from Betway
  • Burnley from LoveBet
  • Everton from SportPesa
  • Bournemouth from M88
  • Aston Villa from W88

List of famous football players that who have participated in casino advertisement

The idea of marketing at sport definitely includes featuring players in ads. Casinos are well-aware of this and often advertise their gambling products by hiring sports personalities. Some of the most popular examples of these are:

  • Neymar Jr with PokerStars – posts on PokerStars Facebook and Twitter, and participates at live events with poker players.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic with BetHard – a stakeholder and ambassador of the casino platform, features the firm’s ads and TV spots.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo with PokerStars – brand ambassador who does gambling advertising on Facebook and Twitter, and participates at live events.

How football is sponsored by the casino business

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