Football Betting Portfolios: The what, the why, and the how

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In the world of financial investment, the term ‘portfolio refers to a collection of financial assets or instruments, such as bonds, stocks, and, of course, cash. Betting on football is a form of financial investment.

So, a collection of betting methods, soccer odds, strategies, systems, techniques, and tipster services, each capable of delivering consistent profits over time, is often referred to as a ‘betting portfolio.’

Why should I have a betting portfolio?

The rationale behind having a betting portfolio is to minimize the risk to which individual betting techniques are exposed while maximizing the profits generated by the portfolio as a whole. If you rely on a single betting technique during a losing run, you can either continue betting, hoping that the technique returns to profitability, or stop betting altogether.

A betting portfolio minimizes risk to individual betting strategies.

On the other hand, if you use a collection of betting techniques, it is highly unlikely that they’ll all experience losing runs simultaneously. If one technique is performing poorly, the chances are that one or more of the others will be performing well, so you can continue betting without losing vast amounts of money.

Obviously, this is important practically and psychologically because you can theoretically continue to make a profit even though one of your techniques is haemorrhaging badly.

How do I build a betting portfolio?

Make no mistake, building a betting portfolio successfully requires time, effort, and, possibly, money. Building a betting portfolio is not just a question of cobbling together every betting technique you can think of in the hope that one or more of them will generate a profit.

Only tried and tested systems should be included in a betting portfolio.

Any method, strategy, system, technique, or service that you choose for your betting portfolio must be tried and tested, with proof of positive results after it was first published or sold to the public, so that you can be reasonably confident that it will generate a profit over time.

Typical betting portfolio

A typical betting portfolio might include backing techniques, laying techniques, trading techniques, and tipster services. There are no hard and fast rules about how many techniques and services you include in your betting portfolio.

However, whichever techniques and services you choose, your betting portfolio should be sufficiently diverse that a series of adverse results affects only a relatively small proportion of your betting activity.

You can have selections of backing techniques and services. For example, one might include a system for backing selections at short odds, which produces unspectacular, but regular profits. Then another for backing selections at longer odds, which has a lower strike rate but offers the prospect of a decent payout when selections are successful.

Other possibilities can include one or more ‘niche’ betting systems, which produce relatively few selections in specific types of football markets like corners, goals, cards, etc., and a reliable tipster service.

Football Betting Portfolios: The what, the why, and the how

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