Betting on the World Cup using free bets

Football fans are eagerly awaiting the World Cup and the tournament is now just weeks away.

Preparations are almost complete in host nation Russia and once the domestic European season comes to an end shortly attention will soon be turning to the World Cup.

Of course, the tournament is not just a festival of football that entertains millions of people all over the world. It is also one of the biggest betting events on the planet.

Sports enthusiasts will already be checking out the odds to see what they are going to bet on when the World Cup gets up and running.

And the bookmakers will be fighting harder than ever to get the attention of the public in the hope of signing them up for accounts.

As Mason Jones from NoDepositRewards explains, betting fans will be able to reap the rewards of this by keeping a close eye on the offers that are up for grabs.

“Free bets are going to be widely available throughout the World Cup,” says Mason Jones. “You just have to know where to look – they will be available at all good bonus sites. Many reviewed and tested by us.”

Here is our guide to making the most out of free bets during this year’s World Cup.

Using free bets – the basics

The first thing to know about using free bets during the World Cup is that bookies will usually reserve their best offers for those who are going to be new customers.

This is because the bookmakers hope people will sign up thanks to the enticing promotions then lose money to them in the long run. It is a plan that has earned them an awful lot of cash.

However, using free bets can be a great way to get one over on the bookies, as long as you know what you are doing of course. And this is where our guide will be useful.

As the best free bets are typically only on offer to new customers, you are going to need to sign up for new accounts a lot of the time.

Unfortunately, this means that if you already have an account with a bookmaker such as Paddy Power, for example, you may be unable to make the most out of the best World Cup free bets.

Anyone who does not have bookmaker accounts already could make a lot of cash, though!

What free bets are up for grabs for the World Cup?

Bookmakers will continue to roll out their best free bet offers in the build-up to the World Cup. With a few weeks still to go until the big kick-off in Russia, many are holding back for now.

But some of the top bookies have already revealed some of the free bet offers that are going to be up for grabs in both the lead up to and during the tournament, which starts on June 14.

British bookmaker Sky Bet has one of the top free bet offers on the market right now. However, as mentioned above, you will only be able to get this if you do not already have an account.

Simply bet £10 with a new Sky Bet account and the bookie will award you £40 in free bets. This gives users a chance to win a lot of money – all with cash that has been handed out by Sky Bet.

Sky Bet also has a lot of good regular promotions for existing customers, such as the chance to earn a £5 free bet on a weekly basis, so this is a bookmaker that is well worth joining.

Another of the best free bet offers that are already up for grabs comes from William Hill, which is one of the main rivals to Sky Bet.

William Hill is offering new users £40 in free bets – which is paid in four lots of £10 free bets – if they sign up with £10. This is, in essence, the same value as the offer from Sky Bet.

More free bet offers will emerge in the weeks leading up to the World Cup and there will be fresh promotions being launched throughout the tournament too, especially for the final.

Check the small print

Whenever you take advantage of free bets on offer with the bookies, it is important you are aware of the terms and conditions.

After all, the bookmakers are unlikely to simply give away money to anyone who signs up to a new account unless there is something in it for them.

A common note in the small print for a free bet offer is that the money won through wagers using bonus funds must be “rolled over” before it can be withdrawn.

This means the money is locked in your account until you have spent it – with the bookmaker – a certain number of times on other bets. Obviously, the bookie then hopes you lose the money.

But if you are lucky enough to keep winning, then you could be quids in – and all from free bets!

Betting on the World Cup using free bets

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