Best sports apps for Android

Ask any sport fan and they will tell you that keeping up with the latest news on their favourite teams is very important. Whether they use their apps to find the latest odds for the games, finding out what form a player is in, or simply turning to online pokies real money when there’s little sport to bet on.

With that in mind we decided to look at some of the best apps to use to keep up on your favourite teams.

Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report is one of the most well-known sport news outlets on the Internet, and provide all the best news for sports fans, for pretty much everything you need to know. With plenty of information on your teams, rankings, predictions on games and all the important details you need, this is a must have app to download.


When looking for news on the games you are watching on television, why not go to the source? ESPN provide an app that keeps you up to date on the games you watch on their channel, and also the ones that they are not airing at that time. With the app also moving into the eSports world, this will be the go to app for gaming fans too.


Watching games can be fun, but also spending some money predicting the results can add to it. Apps like TopBet allow you to do just that, and even offer free bets and bonuses similar to that on to try and entice you to spend a little more. When gambling like this though, always remember to do so responsibly, and when the fun stops make sure you do too.

Google Now

News apps tend to give general news to the user, but they can also be a source of sports news too. With Google having the power of the Internet at their disposal they can offer you all the news you need, as well as weather reports that provide you with hints as to what the conditions will be, and if it will affect the games you are going to watch.


Another app to provide you with all the information you need on your team theScore to keep on top of your football predictions. Also covering eSports gamers get their up to date information on their favourite gaming teams, and also what the big games coming into the eSports arena will be.

When looking at the apps available to sports fans, it is fair to say that there are ones that fit them all. We tend to go to the ones that we trust, and many will use the ones above, or have their own choices. The most important thing is to keep up to date on the news, and the apps above definitely do that job well.

Best sports apps for Android

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