Leicester City football club honours

Leicester City all-time honours including wins and runners-up placings in the major football competitions.

Leicester City - honours

Honour Position Year
League Division Two Runner-up 1907-08
League Division Two Champion 1924-25
League Division One Runner-up 1928-29
League Division Two Champion 1936-37
FA Cup Runner-up 1948-49
League Division Two Champion 1953-54
League Division Two Champion 1956-57
FA Cup Runner-up 1960-61
FA Cup Runner-up 1962-63
Football League Cup Winner 1963-64
Football League Cup Runner-up 1964-65
FA Cup Runner-up 1968-69
League Division Two Champion 1970-71
FA Charity Shield Winner 1971
League Division Two Champion 1979-80
Football League Cup Winner 1996-97
Football League Cup Runner-up 1998-99
Football League Cup Winner 1999-2000
League Division 1 Runner-up 2002-03
League One Champion 2008-09
League Championship Champion 2013-14
Premier League Champion 2015-16
FA Cup Winner 2020-21
FA Community Shield Winner 2021

Honour totals

Honour Position Total
FA Charity Shield Winner 1
FA Community Shield Winner 1
FA Cup Runner-up 4
FA Cup Winner 1
Football League Cup Runner-up 2
Football League Cup Winner 3
League Championship Champion 1
League Division 1 Runner-up 1
League Division One Runner-up 1
League Division Two Champion 6
League Division Two Runner-up 1
League One Champion 1
Premier League Champion 1