Leeds United football club honours

Leeds United all-time honours including wins and runners-up placings in the major football competitions.

Leeds United - honours

Honour Position Year
League Division Two Champion 1923-24
League Division Two Runner-up 1927-28
League Division Two Runner-up 1931-32
League Division Two Runner-up 1955-56
League Division Two Champion 1963-64
League Division One Runner-up 1964-65
FA Cup Runner-up 1964-65
League Division One Runner-up 1965-66
Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Runner-up 1966-67
Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Winner 1967-68
Football League Cup Winner 1967-68
League Division One Champion 1968-69
FA Charity Shield Winner 1969
League Division One Runner-up 1969-70
FA Cup Runner-up 1969-70
Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Winner 1970-71
League Division One Runner-up 1970-71
League Division One Runner-up 1971-72
FA Cup Winner 1971-72
FA Cup Runner-up 1972-73
European Cup Winners' Cup Runner-up 1972-73
League Division One Champion 1973-74
European Cup Runner-up 1974-75
League Division Two Champion 1989-90
League Division One Champion 1991-92
FA Charity Shield Winner 1992
Football League Cup Runner-up 1995-96
League One Runner-up 2009-10

Honour totals

Honour Position Total
European Cup Runner-up 1
European Cup Winners' Cup Runner-up 1
FA Charity Shield Winner 2
FA Cup Runner-up 3
FA Cup Winner 1
Football League Cup Runner-up 1
Football League Cup Winner 1
Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Runner-up 1
Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Winner 2
League Division One Champion 3
League Division One Runner-up 5
League Division Two Champion 3
League Division Two Runner-up 3
League One Runner-up 1