Stockport County football club honours

Stockport County all-time honours including wins and runners-up placings in the major football competitions.

Stockport County - honours

Honour Position Year
Lancashire League Champion 1899-1900
Lancashire Combination Champion 1904-05
Division Three (North) Champion 1921-22
Division Three (North) Runner-up 1928-29
Division Three (North) Runner-up 1929-30
Division Three (North) Cup Winner 1934-35
Division Three (North) Champion 1936-37
League Division Four Champion 1966-67
League Division Four Runner-up 1990-91
Football League Trophy Runner-up 1991-92
Football League Trophy Runner-up 1992-93
League Division 2 Runner-up 1996-97
National League - North Champion 2018-19
National League Champion 2021-22

Honour totals

Honour Position Total
Division Three (North) Champion 2
Division Three (North) Runner-up 2
Division Three (North) Cup Winner 1
Football League Trophy Runner-up 2
Lancashire Combination Champion 1
Lancashire League Champion 1
League Division 2 Runner-up 1
League Division Four Champion 1
League Division Four Runner-up 1
National League Champion 1
National League - North Champion 1