Blackburn Rovers football club honours

Blackburn Rovers all-time honours including wins and runners-up placings in the major football competitions.

Blackburn Rovers - honours

Honour Position Year
FA Cup Runner-up 1881-82
FA Cup Winner 1883-84
FA Cup Winner 1884-85
FA Cup Winner 1885-86
FA Cup Winner 1889-90
FA Cup Winner 1890-91
League Division One Champion 1911-12
FA Charity Shield Winner 1912
League Division One Champion 1913-14
FA Cup Winner 1927-28
League Division Two Champion 1938-39
League Division Two Runner-up 1957-58
FA Cup Runner-up 1959-60
League Division Three Champion 1974-75
League Division Three Runner-up 1979-80
Full Members' Cup Winner 1986-87
Premier League Runner-up 1993-94
Premier League Champion 1994-95
League Division 1 Runner-up 2000-01
Football League Cup Winner 2001-02
League One Runner-up 2017-18

Honour totals

Honour Position Total
FA Charity Shield Winner 1
FA Cup Runner-up 2
FA Cup Winner 6
Football League Cup Winner 1
Full Members' Cup Winner 1
League Division 1 Runner-up 1
League Division One Champion 2
League Division Three Champion 1
League Division Three Runner-up 1
League Division Two Champion 1
League Division Two Runner-up 1
League One Runner-up 1
Premier League Champion 1
Premier League Runner-up 1