Tahiti national football team (l'Equipe du Fenua)

Founded: 1989
Address: Federation Tahitienne de Football
Rue Coppenrath
Stade de Fautaua
Case postale 50858
Pirae 98716
French Polynesia
Website: www.ftf.pf

Tahiti's most significant success came in 2012 when they won the OFC Nations Cup and in doing so qualified for the Confederation Cup 2013.

Tahiti has also won football at the South Pacific Games on five occasions making them the second most successful nation of this competition.

Tahiti's record victory came in a 1971 victory when they defeated Cook Islands 30 - 0.

USA 1994 was the first World Cup for which Tahiti attempted qualification. Finishing second in their group behind Australia meant they were unable to progress. Tahiti are yet to qualify for a World Cup Finals.

Tahiti 'A' international all-time totals

Games won: 103
Games drawn: 24
Games lost: 54
Goals for: 523
Goals against: 256
Average goals for: 2.89
Average goals against: 1.41