Liberia national football team complete 'A' international record

The 11v11 match database includes all matches played by Liberia and (almost) all internationals ever played by all nations.

Below are recent results for Liberia. Use the menu on the left to show those from earlier seasons.

2021-22 season

Date Match Result Score Competition
03 Sep 2021 Nigeria v Liberia L 2-0 FIFA World Cup
06 Sep 2021 Liberia v Central African Republic W 1-0 FIFA World Cup
30 Sep 2021 Egypt v Liberia L 2-0 International Friendly
07 Oct 2021 Liberia v Cape Verde Islands L 1-2 FIFA World Cup
10 Oct 2021 Cape Verde Islands v Liberia L 1-0 FIFA World Cup
13 Nov 2021 Liberia v Nigeria L 0-2 FIFA World Cup
16 Nov 2021 Liberia v Central African Republic W 3-1 FIFA World Cup
24 Mar 2022 Liberia v Benin L 0-4 International Friendly
29 Mar 2022 Liberia v Burundi L 1-2 International Friendly
13 Jun 2022 Liberia v Morocco L 0-2 Africa Cup of Nations