Germany national football team (Die Nationalmannschaft)

Founded: 1900
Address: Deutscher Fussball-Bund
Otto-Fleck-Schneise 6
Post Fach 71 02 65
Frankfurt am Main 60492

The Germany National Football Team?s first match was an away game against Switzerland in 1908. They lost this match 5-3. From 1945 until 1990 Germany played as two separate countries, East and West Germany, West Germany were more successful, winning 3 World Cups.

West Germany first won the World Cup in 1954, 20 years after their first participation. The Germans won a brilliant final 3-2, shocking Hungary, who had been the massive pre-tournament favourites.

West Germany?s next final was at the World Cup in 1966, where they lost 4-2 in a famous game at Wembley to England, the hosts.

Four years later and Germany reached the semi-finals of the World Cup, losing a madcap came 4-3 to Italy after extra time. The score at full time had been 1-1, this is known in Germany and Italy as the ?Game of the Century?.

Inspired by captain Franz Beckenbauer West Germany won consecutive tournaments in 1972 and 1974, winning the Euros and the World Cup. At the 1974 World Cup, the East Germany team beat the West Germans 1-0, the only ever meeting between the two.

West Germany won their final tournament before reunification at the Italy World Cup in 1990, having beaten Argentina in the final 1-0.

Germany then beat Czechoslovakia in the Euro ?96 final before spending a few years in the international wilderness. They reached the semis and final at the 2006 World Cup and 2008 Euros before finally ending their drought at the 2014 World Cup, beating Argentina 1-0 in the final.

Germany 'A' international all-time totals

Games won: 582
Games drawn: 201
Games lost: 218
Goals for: 2232
Goals against: 1182
Average goals for: 2.23
Average goals against: 1.18

Venue: Berliner Olympiastadion, Berlin