Belize national football team (The Jaguars)

Founded: 1980
Address: Football Federation of Belize
26 Hummingbird Highway
PO Box 1742
Belize City

In 1980, Belize gained independence from the United Kingdom. With a small population of 356,600, the football team is yet to have seen significant success on the international stage.

Belize did not exist as a footballing nation until 1995. Their first ever international was a 3 - 0 defeat to El Salvador.

The most significant achievement of the Belizean national team to date came when they secured qualification for the 2013 Gold Cup.

Belize 'A' international all-time totals

Games won: 19
Games drawn: 20
Games lost: 62
Goals for: 88
Goals against: 197
Average goals for: 0.87
Average goals against: 1.95

Venue: FFB Field, Belmopan