Liverpool v Arsenal, 22 August 1964

Score3-2 to Liverpool
RefereeKevin Howley
CompetitionLeague Division One
This was the first-ever game to be screened on BBC TV's Match of the Day programme.

3 Liverpool

Manager: Bill Shankly

2 Arsenal

Manager: Billy Wright


Roger Hunt 11 G
Gordon Wallace 49 G
Gordon Wallace 87 G


Geoff Strong 64 G
Joe Baker 65 G

Starting lineup:

Goalkeeper Tommy Lawrence
Defender/Centre back Ron Yeats
Defender/Left back Ronnie Moran
Left back Gerry Byrne
Midfielder Ian Callaghan
Midfielder Peter Thompson
Midfielder Gordon Wallace
Wing half Gordon Milne
Wing half Willie Stevenson
Forward Roger Hunt
Inside Forward Phil Chisnall

Starting lineup:

Goalkeeper Jim Furnell
Defender Don Howe
Defender/Midfielder Peter Simpson
Left back Billy McCullough
Centre half John Snedden
Centre half Ian Ure
Midfielder Terry Anderson
Midfielder George Armstrong
Centre forward Joe Baker
Inside forward George Eastham
Inside forward Geoff Strong


Don Howe made his debut after moving from West Bromwich Albion in April 1964.