England v Scotland, 01 April 1893

Score5-2 to England
RefereeCharles Clegg
CompetitionBritish Championships
VenueRichmond Athletic, London


Robert Cunliffe Gosling 15 G
George Cotterill 65 G
Fred Spikesley 75 G
Fred Spikesley 80 G
John Reynolds 86 G


William Sellar G
William Sellar G


Although we believe Fred Spikesley scored a second-half hat-trick, we cannot establish if it was the second or fifth goal in addtion to the two indicated above. In 2009, Cris Freddi - author of a number of respected international football books - wrote: "Fred Spiksley was presented with a chain for scoring the first hat-trick against Scotland by the FA. "I can explain why the newspapers got the scorers wrong that day. "The Press could not see the game due to overcrowding and the press just agreed amongst themselves as to who had scored. "I have that in writing from contempoary newspaper reports. "However,, those present in the stand, who had a clear view gave Fred 3 goals and so do the referee and other players on the pitch. The records will never get changed, I know, but he did score that hat-trick against Scotland." [26.01.2016]