Bradford City v Newcastle United, 26 April 1911

Score1-0 to Bradford City
RefereeJack H Pearson
CompetitionFA Cup Final replay
VenueOld Trafford
Kick Off: Unknown Played at Manchester United FC There was to be a new FA Cup from 1911 onwards - by coincidence it was made by Fattorini's - A jewellers based in Bradford

1 Bradford City

Manager: Peter O'Rourke

0 Newcastle United

Manager: The Directors Committee


James H Speirs 15 G


Starting lineup:

Goalkeeper Mark Mellors
Defender George Robinson
Full Back Robert Campbell
Full Back David Taylor
Outside Right Peter Logan
Centre Forward Frank O'Rourke
Inside forward Archibald Devine
Inside Forward James H Speirs (captain)

Starting lineup:

Goalkeeper Jimmy Lawrence
Full back Bill McCracken
Left back Tony Whitson
Centre half Wilf Low
Wing half Dave Willis
Half back George Jobey
Half back Colin Veitch (captain)
Outside left George Wilson
Outside right Jackie Rutherford
Centre forward Sandy Higgins
Inside forward Jimmy Stewart


Bradford City win the FA Cup for the first time. Bradford city had a squad that contained 8 Scotish, 2 English and 1 Northern Ireland player.