EAFF East Asian Cup


Year Host nation(s) Winner Runner-up
2003 (EAFF East Asian Cup) Japan Korea Republic Japan
2005 (EAFF East Asian Cup) Korea Republic China PR Japan
2008 (EAFF East Asian Cup) China Korea Republic Japan
2010 (EAFF East Asian Cup) Japan China PR Korea Republic
2013 (EAFF East Asian Cup) Korea Republic Japan China PR
2015 (EAFF East Asian Cup) China Korea Republic China PR
2017 (EAFF E-1 Football Championship) Japan Korea Republic Japan
2019 (EAFF E-1 Football Championship) Korea Republic Korea Republic Japan
2022 (EAFF E-1 Football Championship) Japan Japan Korea Republic


The EAFF East Asian Cup was first held in 2003, taking over as the main competition for East Asian teams from the Dynasty Cup, which it replaced. Known as EAFF E-1 Football Championship from 2017.

The inaugural edition included Japan, China, South Korea, and Chinese Taipei (Taiwan). The tournament followed a round-robin format, with each team playing against each other once. Japan emerged as the champions, winning all three of their matches.

The competition initially took place every two years but transitioned to a quadrennial schedule starting from 2010. Over the years, the tournament has witnessed the participation of additional teams, including North Korea, Hong Kong, and Guam, expanding the reach and competitiveness of the East Asian region.

Japan and South Korea have been the dominant forces in the EAFF East Asian Cup. Both teams have achieved significant success and established fierce rivalries. They have consistently finished among the top positions and often compete in intense matches that capture the attention of football enthusiasts across the region.

The EAFF East Asian Cup has also provided a platform for emerging nations to showcase their footballing talents. Teams such as China, North Korea, and Chinese Taipei have displayed notable performances and contributed to the growth of football in their respective countries.

In addition to the men's tournament, the EAFF also introduced the EAFF East Asian Women's Cup in 2005. The women's competition follows a similar format and has featured teams such as Japan, South Korea, China, and North Korea, among others. The women's tournament has provided opportunities for female players in the region to excel and has played a role in the development of women's football.

While Japan and South Korea have enjoyed success in the men's tournament, the women's competition has been dominated by Japan, who have clinched multiple titles.

The EAFF East Asian Cup continues to be a significant event in the East Asian football calendar. It promotes regional camaraderie, encourages football development, and strengthens ties between nations. The tournament serves as a platform for teams to test their skills, gain international experience, and prepare for other major competitions on the global stage.