African Nations Championship


Year Host nation(s) Winner Runner-up
2018 Morocco Morocco Nigeria
2020 Cameroon Morocco Mali
2022 Algeria Senegal Algeria


This tournament should not be confused with the Africa Cup of Nations.

Often referred to as CHAN, the African Nations Championship (also known as African Championship of Nations) is a tournament that is played between national teams, but the only eligible players are those who are based in their home country's domestic league.
Those playing in other continents and even those who have moved to other African leagues are not allowed to take participate.

When the initial announcement was made in September 2007, the Confederation of African Football (Caf) president Issa Hayatou said: "We strive to give to the local African players the possibility to showcase their talents and abilities, but also to bring to a higher level the national championships in Africa, and to boost their importance."

The tournament is held every two years, alternating with the Africa Cup of Nations.
The first tournament was held in 2009. It was hosted by Ivory Coast.

Eight nations took part in the 2009 but doubled to sixteen in 2011.

Caf director of communications Suleiman Habuba explained: "Caf has agreed to increase the number of the teams in the CHAN to 16 from the next edition in Sudan.

"A lot of federations were hesitant when the tournament was launched but they have changed their minds and now want to play in it.

"The standard of play since this edition started has positively surprised many people about the standard of the leagues in Africa.

"So we think it is the right time and opportunity to cater for more teams and help the league to grow further.

"The expansion will add excitement and relevance to more group matches at each tournament from the next edition."

Since its third edition in 2014 in South Africa, the competition has been recognised by FIFA and added to the competitions that are considered with regard to FIFA classification.