Rise of the popularity of casino-integrated virtual football betting

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Despite being a relatively new technology, virtual sports betting is slowly taking over the online betting industry worldwide. Sports simulation has always been in existence in games and other animated projects; however, virtual sports betting came into existence in the early 2000s. Today, one of the most popular forms of virtual betting in gambling sites not on gamstop is Virtual Football.

Without any doubt, football is one of the most popular sports worldwide. Thus, it is only natural for virtual sports to receive such global acceptance. This article will take you through all you need to know about the rise of casino-integrated virtual football betting, as well as what we have to expect from the industry in the future.

How does virtual football betting work?

As the name implies, virtual football betting has nothing to do with real sports events. Rather, they are animated football matches that use random number generator software to produce results. With random number generator software, match results are always complicated and often random and unbiased.

In virtual football betting, a player’s fate depends on their luck, as the strength of a team cannot always guarantee a win. Though lower teams are less likely to win in these virtual events, that is not always the case, as the RNG software is unpredictable.

However, experienced bettors can beat the virtual bookies with well-planned bets, but the systems still change. Just as in live sports events, nobody knows the final result of a draw till the final whistle. Thus, virtual football betting is similar to real sports betting in many ways.

Why virtual football betting is popular

Of course, aside from the fact that there are numerous football fans worldwide, there are other reasons why virtual football betting has become so popular today.

In this section of this article, we will look at the real reasons why this industry has risen rapidly over the years and the benefits they provide for gamblers.

All-round 24/7 accessibility

Suppose there is one major advantage that comes with virtual football betting; in that case, it is that you can access it at literally any time.

Unlike in real sports events where bettors have to wait for their favorite league events to place bets, games are readily available in virtual football betting. Thus, you can place bets on virtual league games at any time, even if it happens at midnight.

While this accessibility is a great advantage that adds to the popularity of virtual football betting, it also features a downside. Owing to the all-around accessibility, players using online casinos that are not on Gamstop would find it difficult to quit while playing virtual bets, as they can hardly limit their gambling sessions. With that in mind, players should monitor their gambling habits or use responsible gambling tools to avoid gambling addiction while playing virtual sports betting games.

Easy learning curve

If there is one thing you need to know about real sports betting, then it is that you must have prior knowledge about your chosen sports before placing bets. A bettor must have prior knowledge about football teams before placing a bet on football games.

However, the case is different in virtual sports betting. As long as you fancy a sport, you can also try it on the virtual tables if you want. In virtual football betting, you can just glimpse the league table and place bets according to odds on the screen, as these virtual teams have nothing to do with the real teams.

Moreover, the results come from RNG software, so there is no rigging in virtual betting. Thus, anyone can win big in virtual football betting. There is an increasing growth in virtual football betting, as more bettors view it as an easier route to sports betting, and a method for faster earning.

Future of casino-integrated virtual football betting

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Virtual football betting has a wider audience now than ever. Also, the industry is experiencing so much growth that many people already regard virtual betting as the future of football and other sports betting. Following technological advancements, there are realistic sports simulations that look identical to real sports events today.

Thus, the difference between both industries is always closing up. Moreover, these modern graphics and animations keep attracting new users fascinated by the industry’s improvements. This wider fan base of the virtual football betting industry, of course, adds positively to the value of virtual sports betting in terms of revenue.

Today, every sportsbook online features a virtual sports betting section with virtual football betting, virtual horse racing, and many other virtual sports events.

Though we do not picture virtual football betting taking over real sports betting any time soon, the virtual football betting industry is also a big industry on its own today. As a result, more betting markets keep emerging, and we expect even greater advancements in the sector soon.

Most popular sports in virtual betting

Though virtual football betting is arguably the most popular form of virtual betting, there are other forms of virtual betting that are also on the rise. As we mentioned earlier, virtual betting is steadily on the rise. Thus, there is an increasing demand for wider coverage in the industry.

Here are the most popular sports in virtual betting, other than football.

  • Virtual Horse Racing
  • Virtual Basketball
  • Virtual Cycling
  • Virtual Tennis
  • Virtual Darts
  • Virtual Motorsports

Though there are other forms of virtual sports betting, these are some of the most popular. With a wide fan base in each of these industries, you can confirm that virtual betting is indeed on the rise.


Virtual football betting is already the favorite choice of most bettors, owing to the overall fun that the sport comes with. Following the overall success of the virtual sports betting industry, we still expect more from the industry. With the advent of modern technologies like virtual and augmented reality, we could see even more awesome technologies being introduced to the virtual sports betting scene soon.

With the developments so far, many players already prefer virtual football betting over any other form of betting. Moreover, more betting markets keep hitting the virtual betting industry.

From the overall accessibility and easy learning curve, virtual football betting is an easier option than real football betting. Thus, more players go for these virtual games, as they also provide instant results.

Rise of the popularity of casino-integrated virtual football betting

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