Football betting and the art of winning

To be successful at sports betting means doing your homework. We know there is a lot of luck involved but gambling is also a science. The smart player tries to narrow the odds in his own favour by reducing the luck element and increasing his knowledge of the subject.

The downside of this is it costs time and energy and often takes the fun out the play. There is no doubting football betting in the UK offers better value for money than other sports. So, it pays to learn a few simple strategy tips especially when playing the football stakes. Find the best odds. This is easy online and you’ll soon learn where to find the value.

Play with a set stake no matter what your heart tells you or how much you’ve already won. Check the current form & then check it again. Look at home and away records. Certain teams seldom win away and others seldom lose at home.

Check for motivation issues. A poor team can raise its game especially against a local rival. Lastly keep a record of your betting. This will help you when looking back at the end of the season.

Yes, it is a pain but it is vital because it’s impossible to remember every factor that played a part in the strategy.

Sports gamblers come in two sizes, those who play for fun and those who play to win and beating the bookie always feels good. I personally recommend shopping around for a decent comparison site.’s list of bingo sites has all the latest information and the best odds available.

Football in the UK is highly unpredictable but with this comes greater opportunity. Be a smart player and use the strategy’s above and you will win more than you lose.

Here’s a list of typical football bets available: –

  Bet on a team win or lose or draw.
  Double those bets with another team.
  Treble the bet.
  Multiple bets. 6 home wins or 5 away wins.
  Match result and first scorer
  Half time and final score.

*Remember when the fun stops it’s time to stop.

Football betting and the art of winning

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