A lot of football, a lot of stats

Fans may finally rejoice as football is on the cusp of a full return after over two months of absence for many – the Bundesliga in Germany is the first to find a full return but other big names within Europe are set to follow closely behind – as all of the leagues set to round out there seasons in a timely manner, however, there are a lot of scheduled games to be played in a relatively short amount of time.

This is great news for stat and betting fans – betting and non gamstop casinos at this site are gearing up to be ready for the large number of punters ready to get back to betting on the games once again after such a long layoff, and those who look to the stats will have a lot coming in over the next few weeks as if the Bundesliga is anything to go by, we could be seeing up to 72 games across four leagues per week – a lot of games to keep track of.

            Bundesliga – The first of the four got underway the weekend that has just passed with eight games being played in total – this is set to ramp up over the next few weeks however as the schedule shows up to eighteen games being played per week – there had been a little concern before the games began as a number of players had tested positive for the coronavirus which many feared would lead to the cancellation, but the players were quarantine and play went ahead.

            Serie A – Fans will have to wait a little longer for Italian football to return – previously the hardest hit country in Europe, Italy has had a tough time dealing with the coronavirus over the past three months and are understandably erring on the side of caution when lifting lockdown measures – the date given by the Italian government for a restart in football has once again been delayed until June 15th – this leaves less time for the league if they also hope to complete the season, so expectations are there for a busy schedule once it does get underway again.

            La Liga – Players have already returned to training and were amongst the first to do so following mandatory testing on all players – in similar news to the German league, five players had been tested positive for the coronavirus but as it wasn’t too widespread it has yet to cause any delays – the league is set to return on on June 12th but it has been stated this is just an initial hope, and the tentative date may yet change.


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            Premier League – Players are yet to return to a fixed training schedule for the UK’s top football league as news around surprise inspections and other measures to ensure clubs are following safety measures emerge – games won’t begin again until early June with June 8th set forward for a possible date, however the scheduling for the Prem is looking to be extremely busy as hopes are to have the entire season wrapped up by July so that a push can be made to have the 2020/21 season get underway in August.

A lot of football, a lot of stats

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