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1974 Leeds players Norman Hunter and Paul Madeley responded angrily to comments made by Sir Alf Ramsey 24 hours earlier. Ramsey had been outraged at a system which forced him to make nine changes due to clubs withdrawing players for the match against Portugal and had cast doubt on the validity of some of the injuries given as reasons. He suggested that clubs should be punished if their players failed to report for international duty or training and went on to say that clubs should not be allowed to field players on the following Saturday having claimed they were too injured to be part of the England party only days earlier. Madeley and Hunter claimed they were both genuinely injured and the former went on to claim that Sir Alf had told him he should always drop out if less than 100% fit. After all the arguments the game was a poor affair and ended in a goalless draw.
1976 Southampton beat Crystal Palace 2-0 in their FA Cup semi-final. Had Crystal Palace won the match they would have become the first ever Third Division club to reach the Final. Southampton, whose goals came from Gilchrist and Peach (pen), secured their first Cup Final appearance since 1902. They went on to lift the trophy after beating Manchester United 1-0 in the Final with a goal from Stokes.
1987 Fulham were saved from near-certain extinction when a consortium headed by former player Jimmy Hill bought the club name and player's contracts from chairman David Bulstrode. Hill then took over as chairman.