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Reading football club: record v Blackpool

Head-to-head records of Reading against other teams. Select the opponent from the menu on the left to see the overall record and list of results.


Games won: 16
Games drawn: 10
Games lost: 12
30 Aug 1926Blackpool v ReadingL3-1League Division Two
08 Sep 1926Reading v BlackpoolL0-1League Division Two
26 Dec 1927Blackpool v ReadingL3-1League Division Two
27 Dec 1927Reading v BlackpoolW1-0League Division Two
10 Nov 1928Blackpool v ReadingL7-0League Division Two
23 Mar 1929Reading v BlackpoolW4-1League Division Two
09 Nov 1929Blackpool v ReadingL4-2League Division Two
15 Mar 1930Reading v BlackpoolD1-1League Division Two
08 Dec 1979Blackpool v ReadingL5-2League Division Three
26 Apr 1980Reading v BlackpoolL0-1League Division Three
29 Nov 1980Reading v BlackpoolW3-0League Division Three
17 Jan 1981Blackpool v ReadingD0-0League Division Three
27 Aug 1983Blackpool v ReadingL1-0League Division Four
14 Jan 1984Reading v BlackpoolW2-0League Division Four
17 Aug 1985Reading v BlackpoolW1-0League Division Three
18 Jan 1986Blackpool v ReadingD0-0League Division Three
30 Dec 1988Reading v BlackpoolW2-1League Division Three
08 Apr 1989Blackpool v ReadingW2-4League Division Three
06 Oct 1989Blackpool v ReadingD0-0League Division Three
17 Mar 1990Reading v BlackpoolD1-1League Division Three
07 Nov 1992Reading v BlackpoolD0-0League Division 2
13 Mar 1993Blackpool v ReadingW0-1League Division 2
06 Nov 1993Reading v BlackpoolD1-1League Division 2
23 Apr 1994Blackpool v ReadingW0-4League Division 2
21 Oct 1998Reading v BlackpoolD1-1League Division 2
10 Apr 1999Blackpool v ReadingL2-0League Division 2
08 Jan 2000Reading v BlackpoolD1-1League Division 2
08 Feb 2000Blackpool v ReadingW0-2League Division 2
11 Aug 2001Blackpool v ReadingW0-2League Division 2
19 Jan 2002Reading v BlackpoolW3-0League Division 2
09 Dec 2008Reading v BlackpoolW1-0League Championship
13 Apr 2009Blackpool v ReadingD2-2League Championship
21 Nov 2009Reading v BlackpoolW2-1League Championship
20 Feb 2010Blackpool v ReadingL2-0League Championship
03 Dec 2011Blackpool v ReadingL1-0League Championship
24 Mar 2012Reading v BlackpoolW3-1League Championship
24 Aug 2013Blackpool v ReadingL1-0League Championship
28 Jan 2014Reading v BlackpoolW5-1League Championship

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