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Ghana national football team: record v Nigeria

Head-to-head records of Ghana against other teams. Select the opponent from the menu on the left to see the overall record and list of results.


Games won: 21
Games drawn: 18
Games lost: 10
16 Oct 1950Ghana v NigeriaW1-0International
11 Oct 1954Ghana v NigeriaW1-0International
28 May 1955Ghana v NigeriaW1-0International
01 Jun 1955Ghana v NigeriaW7-0International
27 Oct 1956Nigeria v GhanaL3-0International
27 Oct 1957Ghana v NigeriaD3-3International
31 Jul 1958Nigeria v GhanaL3-2International
31 Oct 1959Ghana v NigeriaW5-2International
28 Aug 1960Ghana v NigeriaW4-1FIFA World Cup
10 Sep 1960Nigeria v GhanaD1-1International
10 Sep 1960Nigeria v GhanaD2-2FIFA World Cup
08 Oct 1960Nigeria v GhanaW0-3Nkrumah Cup
08 Apr 1961Nigeria v GhanaD0-0African Nations Cup
30 Apr 1961Ghana v NigeriaD2-2African Nations Cup
01 Jun 1961Ghana v NigeriaW3-0WAC
15 Dec 1961Ghana v NigeriaW5-1International
03 Jan 1962Nigeria v GhanaD1-1African Nations Cup
10 Nov 1962Nigeria v GhanaD0-0International
22 Jan 1967Nigeria v GhanaD2-2International
09 Feb 1967Ghana v NigeriaW2-0International
10 May 1969Nigeria v GhanaL2-1FIFA World Cup
18 May 1969Ghana v NigeriaD1-1FIFA World Cup
08 Jan 1973Nigeria v GhanaL4-2African Games
10 Feb 1973Nigeria v GhanaW2-3FIFA World Cup
22 Feb 1973Ghana v NigeriaD0-0FIFA World Cup
31 Aug 1975Ghana v NigeriaW3-0International
08 Mar 1978Ghana v NigeriaD1-1African Nations Cup
21 Jul 1978Nigeria v GhanaD0-0African Games
01 May 1983Ghana v NigeriaW1-0International
05 Mar 1984Ghana v NigeriaL1-2African Nations Cup
27 Jul 1986Ghana v NigeriaW2-0CEDEAO Cup
06 Feb 1987Ghana v NigeriaW3-1West Africa Nations Cup
02 Sep 1990Ghana v NigeriaW1-0African Nations Cup
13 Apr 1991Nigeria v GhanaD0-0African Nations Cup
02 Nov 1991Ghana v NigeriaW1-0CEDEAO Cup
23 Jan 1992Ghana v NigeriaW2-1African Nations Cup
09 Mar 1994Nigeria v GhanaD0-0International
28 Aug 1999Nigeria v GhanaD0-0International
10 Mar 2001Ghana v NigeriaD0-0FIFA World Cup
28 Jul 2001Nigeria v GhanaL3-0FIFA World Cup
03 Feb 2002Nigeria v GhanaL1-0African Nations Cup
15 Dec 2002Ghana v NigeriaL0-1International
23 Feb 2003Nigeria v GhanaD0-0International
30 May 2003Nigeria v GhanaL3-1LG Cup
23 Jan 2006Nigeria v GhanaL1-0African Nations Cup
06 Feb 2007Ghana v NigeriaW4-1International
03 Feb 2008Ghana v NigeriaW2-1African Nations Cup
28 Jan 2010Ghana v NigeriaW1-0African Nations Cup
11 Oct 2011Ghana v NigeriaD0-0International

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