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Thread: Spreadsheets

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    Default Spreadsheets

    Hi all

    The most useful thing I've found in my 60 years of collecting football stats is a spreadsheet.

    I prefer Excel 2003 but I've tried 2007, OpenOffice and Google Docs, but always go back to Excel 2003.


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    openoffice/libreoffice for me - it's free and (almost) as good as excel - if I need to do harder number crunching, I'd switch to 'proper' stuff like R anyway.

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    Lightbulb Spreadsheets are great is you don't work with other people...what about new tools?

    I'm the founder of YouFoot (youfoot.com). We worked very hard to create apps that allow to commentate matches. There are 3 apps:

    - Entering the score (fast, easy, but not much stats generated except: Table of rankings, Series, Victory charts...)
    -Match report (what a referee report would contain: goals, booking, substitutions... it generates a lot more stats like Goal Distribution, etc...)
    - Play-by-play commentary (where you detail all plays in a match: Goals, corners, free kicks, shots, corners...)

    The last two generate a lot of stats and a live commentaries in multiple languages (with an AI)

    The main benefits of this approach is:
    + Great looking stats
    + All data can be traced back to individual football actions
    + It's always 1 clic away. It's free. It's collaborative.

    Here are some tutorial videos:
    Tutorials & FAQ

    I look forward feedbacks!
    Note all content generated through YouFoot is open and sharable. You can export any stats you produce in YoUFoot to your website - if this is of interest to you, just contact us.

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    Default I need a formula in Excel to calculate results - any ideas?

    New member here: glad to be aboard.

    I use Excel 2007 for my various stats sheets and I need a formula that will automatically insert W, D or L into a cell depending on the result of a match. I can do this as a True/False statement for W/L or D but not for all three. Anyone any ideas?



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    Lightbulb W / D / L : youfoot will do that for you in all calendars :)

    We also do the heavy lifting for hundred of stats (especially when slicing them in different ways: per season, per competition, per match...). Don't hesistate to give us feedback too, we have a common passion!

    With regard to your excel question here is a formula that works for your purpose:

    I used a simple set up:
    Cell A1= score for home team
    Cell B1 = score of away team

    Then in C1 I entered:

    It's using nested IF logical checks. There are probably many ways to go about this, but this works.

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    In case you want to take a look at some stats our apps can generate, here is a team that comments its matchs play-by-play and the resulting stats:
    Portal - Team | YouFoot
    (stats are generated automatically, you just describe actions as shown in How can you become a football commentator? - YouTube)

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