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    The Classifieds forum is provided to enable members of the community to carry out transactions with other members of the community.
    It is provided to give you a "wild west" alternative to eBay and auction sites in which you can choose to accept the risk of the transaction in exchange for dealing face-to-face with another member of the community.
    We accept absolutely no liability for any transaction carried out as a result of the use of the communication services provided, including any loss or harm that comes to you or your possessions or any grievance with any other forum member. Your use of the provided communication service is entirely at your own risk, and as per the liability rule we are having nothing to do with it.

    Basic rules for classifieds:
    • Classified adverts must be in the Classifieds forum, not elsewhere.
    • You must use a thread prefix applicable. If more than one is applicable you must select the one that you most wish to happen. For instance select "For Sale" even if you are also willing to trade but would prefer to sell.
    • If you are selling your item via eBay or another site, and the audience is not restricted to the forum membership, then you should NOT post it on here as it will be deleted (read the first paragraph of this post again).
    Exception: Other people are allowed to discover your eBay advert and post it in the eBay/Craigslist finds thread, but YOU should NOT do this.
    • No bumping on anything you're offering (for sale or trade)!
    1) If you included a price as per the advisory, you can bump the thread to drop the price.
    2) If you hadn't added enough information (such as photos) and now want to.
    • No fishing expeditions. You are either selling something or you're not. Either it's in the classifieds or it's deleted.

    Advisory (not rules):
    • Update the thread (or close it) when your item has sold.
    • Put a price in the first post, with ONO (Or Nearest Offer) if you're willing to negotiate.
    The first post of any thread in the Classifieds forum will automatically show additional information about the person that created the thread. This is provided solely to help you form an opinion of trust and does not imply any endorsement by the Football Statistics and History forum of the person in question.
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