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    A new complete record of Liverpool by two Icelandic authors has recently been published. This is the first such work to appear for over twenty years.
    I purchased the first complete record of Liverpool by Brian Pead in 1986, so I will compare it with that.
    The original work was found to have many mistakes and the new book is undoubtedly more accurate, it's not rehashed material, all lines ups and scorers have been checked against several sources.
    If a comparison is made of what both books contain, then surprisingly the earlier edition contains more, if the 25 additional seasons of statistics which are included in the new book are taken away.
    This is what the original edition contains which the new book doesn't.

    Wartime line ups.
    Half time scores.
    Goal times, where known for games played before the 1959-60 season.

    The new book only contains results, scorers and attendances for wartime games and contains no records at all for the clubs games in the Football League North 1945-46 season, it only gives details of the clubs four FA Cup matches that season.
    What is much better in the new book is the club history, which is far more detailed and uses interviews with players and newspaper comments from the time.
    The original edition had a who's who of 150 players, but there are player profiles within the club history in the new book. The new book contains full career details of all players to have played for the club, along with birthdates, but no birthplaces. There is also an extensive records section, such as biggest wins, largest attendences and also a list of own goals by Liverpool players and sendings off which didn't appear in the orginal edition.
    Despite the missing details Liverpool The Complete Record is still a book which is well worth buying. I would have liked it to have contained friendly matches and minor cup competitions such as the Liverpool and Lancashire Senior Cups though. There are two excellent websites which show details of those games, and Liverweb, but it would have been nice to have them in easily accessable printed form. The authors are the editors of the website.
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