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    Default 1982 World Cup Finals

    The Finals were to be played over twenty-nine days and England named a strong twenty two-man squad
    The England World Cup Squad for the 1982 Competition
    England drew France, Czechoslovakia and Kuwait in Group 4, and would be based in Bilbao for their matches. They arrived six days before the competition began to acclimatise to the searing heat.

    In their first game England met France on the 16th June in front of over 44,000 spectators. England started magnificently taking the lead after just twenty-seven seconds when Bryan Robson hooked in a shot after a quick throw in and a knock on from Terry Butcher. France came back well and their talented midfield of Alan Giresse and Micheal Platini took control. They deservedly equalised in the twenty fifth minute. England made a tactical switch for the second half, instructing Graham Rix to play deeper filling in the space the French were exploiting. This proved to be a masterstroke as England took the lead with another goal from Bryan Robson (66th minute) and wrapped up the match seven minutes from time when Paul Mariner scored the winner in the 3-1 victory.

    • This game was played as the Falklands war was taking place – with the French Exocet playing a role on the Argentine side.
    • England and France had not met since 1969 when the French had lost 5-0, but France were now a different proposition with the Gallic flair of Platini and Tresor.
    • Keegan and Brooking were unable to play due to injury.
    • The game began in 91-degree heat.
    • Mariner’s final goal made this the fifth consecutive international in which he had scored.

    England v France
    Venue: Bilbao-Estadio San Mames
    Date: 16th June 1982
    Attendance: 44,172
    Score: England 3 v 1 France

    ENGLAND: Shilton, Butcher, Mills, Sansom (Neal), Thompson, Coppell, Robson, Wilkins, Francis, Mariner, Rix.
    FRANCE: Ettori, Battiston, Bossis, Tresor, Lopez, Larios (Tigana), Girard, Giresse, Rocheteau (Six), Platini, Soler.
    Goals: England: Robson (2) 1, 66 Mariner 82 France: Soler 25

    England's second match was against Czechoslovakia four days later. England managed to name an unchanged eleven for the first time in three years. In a poor match England won 2-0 with two-second half goals, one from Trevor Francis (63rd minute) and the other an own goal.

    England v Czechoslovakia

    Venue: Bilbao-Estadio San Mames
    Date: 20th June 1982
    Attendance: 41,123
    Score: England 2 v 0 Czechoslovakia

    ENGLAND: Shilton, Butcher, Mills, Sansom, Thompson, Coppell, Robson (Hoddle), Wilkins, Francis, Mariner, Rix.
    CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Seman (Stromsik), Barmos, Jurkemic, Fiala, Radimec, Chaloupka, Berger, Vojacek, Janecka (Masny), Nehoda, Vizek.
    Goals: England: Francis 63, Barmos (og) 66

    For their last match on the 25th June England made three changes, but could only just beat Kuwait 1-0 in a scrappy match with a goal from Trevor Francis (27th minute).

    England v Kuwait

    Venue: Bilbao-Estadio San Mames
    Date: 25th June 1982
    Attendance: 39,700
    Score: England 1 v 0 Kuwait
    ENGLAND: Shilton, Foster, Mills, Neal, Thompson, Coppell, Hoddle, Wilkins, Francis, Mariner, Rix.
    KUWAIT: Al Tarabulsi, Naeem Saed, Ma'Yoof, Mubarak, Jasem (Al Shemmari), Al Buloushi, Al Houti, Kameel, Al Anbari, Al Suwaayed, Al Dakhil.
    Goals: England: Francis 27

    The surviving nations were divided into groups of three with only one to qualify. England drew their old enemy West Germany and the hosts Spain. For the matches England moved to Madrid and met West Germany on the 29th June. The tie did not live up to the earlier meetings and ended in a drab 0-0 draw.

    England v West Germany

    Venue: Madrid-Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
    Date: 29th June 1982
    Attendance: 75,000
    Score: England 0 v 0 West Germany

    ENGLAND: Shilton, Butcher, Mills, Thompson, Sansom, Coppell, Robson, Wilkins, Francis (Woodcock), Mariner, Rix.
    WEST GERMANY: Schumacher, Kaltz, K-H Förster, Stielike, Briegel, Dremmler, B.Förster, Breitner, H.Muller (Fischer), Reinders (Littbarski), Rummenigge.

    A week later England met the hosts who had lost 2-1 to the Germans. They needed to win by two clear goals or by one in a high scoring match to progress. If they only won 2-1 they would have to draw lots with West Germany to see who would progress. The process was not needed however as England could not score despite the late introduction of Kevin Keegan and Trevor Brooking, and the match ended in a tame 0-0 draw.

    England v Spain
    Venue: Madrid-Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
    Date: 5th July 1982
    Attendance: 75,000
    Score: England 0 v 0 Spain

    ENGLAND: Shilton, Butcher, Mills, Thompson, Sansom, Robson, Wilkins, Francis, Woodcock (Keegan), Mariner, Rix (Brooking).
    SPAIN: Arconada, Urquiaga, Tendillo (Maceda), Alexanco, Gordillo, Saura (Uralde), Alonso, Zamora, Camacho, Satrustegui, Santillana.

    England had been eliminated without losing a match.

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