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  1. Russia's exit highlights differences between UEFA and FIFA's tie-breaker systems

    There is some confusion over Russia's exit from Euro 2012 in Group A. This isn't surprising as there are different systems for tie-breakers when teams are level on points in the group stages of international football tournaments - one operated by FIFA and the other by UEFA.

    Russia have been knocked out because the UEFA system gives priority to the head to head results between the teams equal in the points standings, rather than separating the sides on goal difference in all group games.

    So in the case of Russia their 4-1 victory against eventual group winners the Czech Republic, counts for nothing in deciding whether they or the Greeks go through to the next round.

    The system operated by UEFA leads to fairly complex calculations and bizarre results regarding ...
  2. Substitute five for seven

    Just two seasons after adopting the seven substitute regulation, to much disapproval, the Football League has returned to the reduced allocation of five substitutes in a matchday squad.

    The League claimed they had taken the decision for cost-cutting reasons in order to comply with new UEFA financial rules, whatever that may mean.

    A spokesman tried to explain: “This was felt to be a sensible and prudent step given the financial challenges facing many football clubs and the commitment made earlier this summer to adopt UEFA's Financial Fair Play framework.”

    The 72 clubs voted for the change while at the same time agreeing to increase the number of home-grown players in a matchday squad from four to six.

    As ‘home-grown’ means being registered ...