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  1. Steve Sands

    Over recent months, we hope you have enjoyed the blogs that have been compiled on our behalf by Steve Sands.

    We can now reveal that he wrote them while valiantly battling against a serious long-term illness.

    Sadly, despite his enduring good nature, Steve has lost his brave battle and passed away peacefully earlier this week.

    As regular readers may well have gathered, he was a devoted Hull City supporter.

    After taking his first tentative steps on to the Boothferry Park terraces in the 1970s, Steve loyally stood-by the Tigers through the many years when they plunged into previously unknown depths.

    As the saying goes, a friend in need was a friend indeed.

    The reward was following them on the incredible journey to the ...
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  2. Jamie Vardy record

    On Saturday Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy scored at Newcastle United thereby equalling Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s record for scoring in ten consecutive Premier League games.

    Ruud Van Nistelrooy set the record playing for Manchester United between 22 March 2003 and 23 August 2003 and, coincidentally, his tenth game of the run was also at St James' Park.

    But, as we all know, football wasn’t invented in 1992, and Vardy still has plenty of targets to aim for.

    In the pre-Premier League era, Stan Mortensen scored in each of Blackpool's 11 games in the top division (old League Division One) between 3 February 1951 and 7 April 1951.

    That was part of the sequence when he scored in all 15 league games that he played in for the Tangerines between 23 ...
  3. Championship clubs suffering increasing debt threat

    Whilst Premier League sides continue to thrive by pulling in huge amounts of revenue each and every season thanks to ticket sales, lucrative television deals and merchandising, things aren’t quite as rosy in the finance departments of many teams in the lower tiers of English football. Accumulated debt in the Championship reached a staggering £1.1 billion last season, nearly double the amount England’s second division currently generates in revenue, so what gives?

    Which players have been injured while showboating?-image001-jpg

    Despite pulling in £646.4 million in revenue this year to date the Championship is still struggling with ever increasing debt problems and it’s Bolton Wanderers who have topped the red table as they stare worryingly at their £182.1 million bill. This alarming figure ...

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  4. How embedded is football sports betting in the Premier League?

    Whilst Chief Executive Richard Scudamore says the Premier League will not accept a betting partner and against the background of horseracing’s move to banish betting companies who don’t contribute to the sport, we look at how fully embedded sports betting sites are in the Premier League.

    The Gambling (Licensing & Advertising) Act which came into force a year ago requires gambling operators that provide facilities for remote gambling or advertise to consumers in Britain to obtain a licence from the Gambling Commission with the stipulation that the Commission would “not normally license such operators unless they have a British facing business and currently either transact with British customers or have a clear business plan for doing so in the future.”

    In ...
  5. Has Mourinho lost it?

    As Chelsea prepare to host Aston Villa on Saturday, in what is a should win game, the big question is why the Premier League title holders sit 16th in the table midway through October – ten points behind league leaders Manchester City.

    Jose Mourinho seems to have taken to blaming everyone for Chelsea's poor start to the campaign, from match officials, the FA to a supposed rat in the camp leaking information about team selection and tactics.

    The odds for the ‘special one’ to be the next Premier League manager to leave his post are as low as 4/1 at the moment with only Steve McClaren and Saturday’s opponent Tim Sherwood seen by the bookmakers as being at greater risk.

    But what’s the real reason for the decline in form?

    Thomas ...

    Updated 17th October 2015 at 01:00 PM by Steve Sands

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  6. September – the start of the managerial sacking season

    September proved to be the start of the sacking season for football managers, as owners and chairman got twitchy following their club’s disappointing start to the season. In turn this prompted the managerial merry-go-round to be cranked up to full tilt.

    This is a topic I’ve tackled before, but it never fails to intrigue and baffle me in equal measure, as managers are either sacked after a ridiculously short time in charge or are dismissed despite being in charge during a successful campaign the previous season.

    Early in September Peterborough United became the first English club to sack their boss, sending Dave Robertson packing after the League One side won just one of their opening six games.

    Robertson had lasted just four months at the ...

    Updated 7th October 2015 at 09:17 PM by Steve Sands

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  7. Goal machine Robert Lewandowski’s one in 55,147 years achievement

    Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski continues to enjoy a purple patch the envy of strikers around the world. He scored yet another hat-trick against Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League in midweek, making it 10 goals in his last three games.

    Lewandowkski’s most remarkable achievement was coming off the bench at half-time against Wolfsburg on the 22 September to score five goals in nine minutes during a 5-1 Bundesliga comeback win.

    He netted his first in the 51st minute and completed the astonishing goal feat on the hour mark. What were the chances of that happening?
    Those clever guys from the Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective in the USA were so impressed that they decided to do a statistical analysis on the probability of such a goal glut ...
  8. Teams that won with huge goal margins

    It was once said that football is a game of two halves. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and sometimes one team simply takes an absolute hammering at the hands of the opposition. Here, we will take a look at five of the biggest winning goal margins in football.

    Brazil 1-7 Germany, 8th July, 2014
    In what was one of the most spectacular one-sided games in football history, 2014 FIFA World Cup hosts Brazil welcomed eventual winners Germany to Belo Horizonte. The pre-match build treated the game as if it was Brazil's Final warm up. They had not suffered a competitive defeat on home soil in over 39 years. As a European side that had failed to fully reach its potential in the tournament prior to this game, Germany were not fancied by many to break that unbeaten record. ...
  9. Could green cards encourage fair play?

    With fair play very much in the news, given Jose Mourinho’s defence of Diego Costa’s antics against Arsenal, an interesting idea has come out of Italy about how to encourage fair play.

    We already have red and yellow cards in our game, so is there room for a third coloured card – the green card? Well the Italians seem to think so - one to reward good behaviour.

    Green cards are being used by referees in Italy's Serie B this season to reward instances of fair play during a match.

    Rather disappointingly the cards aren’t actually branded during the match which would be far more interesting for spectators.

    They are in fact a "virtual" card given to players for positive behaviour post-match. So they won’t actually be ...

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  10. Is this finally Leeds United's season?

    There are not many more iconic names in British football than Leeds United. The problem for the West Yorkshire club is that, despite their illustrious history and huge fan base, the club have been outside the Premier League for over a decade and are seemingly no closer to returning to the top flight than they were in 2004.

    Having failed to secure an immediate return to the big time following relegation into the Championship, Leeds dropped into League One before earning promotion back into the second tier in 2010.

    With the gap between the Premier League and the Championship growing bigger each campaign, Leeds' colourful Italian owner, Massimo Cellino, will not be able to ignore the fact that the club is in danger of being reduced to an example of one of modern ...

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