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  1. Teams that won with huge goal margins

    It was once said that football is a game of two halves. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and sometimes one team simply takes an absolute hammering at the hands of the opposition. Here, we will take a look at five of the biggest winning goal margins in football.

    Brazil 1-7 Germany, 8th July, 2014
    In what was one of the most spectacular one-sided games in football history, 2014 FIFA World Cup hosts Brazil welcomed eventual winners Germany to Belo Horizonte. The pre-match build treated the game as if it was Brazil's Final warm up. They had not suffered a competitive defeat on home soil in over 39 years. As a European side that had failed to fully reach its potential in the tournament prior to this game, Germany were not fancied by many to break that unbeaten record. ...
  2. Could green cards encourage fair play?

    With fair play very much in the news, given Jose Mourinho’s defence of Diego Costa’s antics against Arsenal, an interesting idea has come out of Italy about how to encourage fair play.

    We already have red and yellow cards in our game, so is there room for a third coloured card – the green card? Well the Italians seem to think so - one to reward good behaviour.

    Green cards are being used by referees in Italy's Serie B this season to reward instances of fair play during a match.

    Rather disappointingly the cards aren’t actually branded during the match which would be far more interesting for spectators.

    They are in fact a "virtual" card given to players for positive behaviour post-match. So they won’t actually be ...

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  3. Is this finally Leeds United's season?

    There are not many more iconic names in British football than Leeds United. The problem for the West Yorkshire club is that, despite their illustrious history and huge fan base, the club have been outside the Premier League for over a decade and are seemingly no closer to returning to the top flight than they were in 2004.

    Having failed to secure an immediate return to the big time following relegation into the Championship, Leeds dropped into League One before earning promotion back into the second tier in 2010.

    With the gap between the Premier League and the Championship growing bigger each campaign, Leeds' colourful Italian owner, Massimo Cellino, will not be able to ignore the fact that the club is in danger of being reduced to an example of one of modern ...

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  4. Long distance travel blues?

    Does traveling long distances to away games have an influence on results? Common sense and the latest statistical analysis seem to be at odds.

    In my last blog I looked at the vagaries of the fixture computer as it sent teams the length and breadth of the country for midweek fixtures.
    The piece was written from a fans perspective, so I thought it would be interesting to look at the issue from the club’s angle, as I wondered whether all that time spent traveling up and down the motorway had any impact on results.

    Looking at a recent round of midweek fixtures, I picked out ten of the longest journeys undertaken just out of curiosity. As actor and comedian Rob Brydon would say it was "just a bit of fun", as looking at such a small sample has no scientific ...
  5. Can Derby record their first win of the season at Preston?

    Despite being installed among the strong favourites for promotion in the Championship, Derby have made a less than auspicious start to the season.

    It has undoubtedly been a steep and immediate learning curve for Paul Clement, who is in his first managerial position at the iPro Stadium after years working as a coach at Chelsea and Real Madrid, as his team have yet to hit the heights that many expected. Patience may be the name of the game for Derby fans who may already be concerned that a team that is packed with considerable quality in every area has yet to register a victory, but the upcoming trip to Preston presents a difficult challenge.

    Fellow promotion favourites Middlesbrough and Ipswich certainly found the going tough at Deepdale against ...

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  6. Does the fixture computer need a reboot?

    It seems to me that when decisions are being made in football, whether it be on ticket prices, when games are played, venues for important matches, kick-off times and so on, that the fans are very low down on the list of considerations.

    This viewpoint was emphasised recently when the fixture gurus decided to send Carlisle United to play Plymouth Argyle on a Tuesday night!

    The life of a loyal football supporter is tough enough without adding to the challenge of those wanting to attend all of their team’s matches.

    Sitting in their armchair listening to a local radio commentary or following the game via Sky or social media simply doesn’t hack it for some of the hardiest of souls.

    For 169 Carlisle fans they just had to embark on a ...

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  7. The phenomenon of the coloured boot

    Do we have Alan Ball to blame, or thank depending on your perspective, for the plethora of coloured boots now worn by the modern footballer?

    Yes, Alan Ball the trend setter as my fuddled memory certainly can’t recall anyone wearing anything other than black boots prior to Ball’s break with tradition.

    World Cup winner Ball first showcased his distinctive white boots at the beginning of the 1970/71 season whilst playing for Everton in the Charity Shield, a game the Merseyside outfit won 2-1 against Chelsea.

    Prior to that, car manufacturer Henry Ford could easily have been talking about football boots when he said in 1909, with reference to his Model T: “Any customer can have a car painted ...

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  8. Clarifying the offside law

    I have to admit that I’m very much a traditionalist when it comes to the offside rule. It used to be oh so simple. Well, as simple as the offside law could ever be; you were either offside or you weren’t.

    Notwithstanding that, in this article I will look at the new clarifications of the offside rule introduced by the International FA Board (IFAB).

    The off-side rule has become over-complicated by the question as to whether a player was "interfering with play’ and by the even more complex question of what phase of play was the incident in or was a player active or not?

    To my mind if a professional footballer isn’t active, they shouldn’t be on the field of play in the first place. Over the years, I’ve seen one or two players who it ...
  9. Input vacancy

    An opportunity has arisen to help us with the rewarding task of inputting match data on to the AFS database during the upcoming 2015-16 season.

    We consider this to be an excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to explore a career in sports media or statistics or those who wish to increase their involvement in football or AFS.

    A commitment of probably three hours most Saturday evenings is required along with a keen eye for detail.

    Previous inputting experience would be an advantage but not essential as full training notes will be provided.

    All training and work can be done from home so applications are welcomed from the UK and further afield.

    At the moment, we must advise that this will be on a volunteer basis for the ...
  10. From Arbroath to Zagreb - Ten things I’ve learned whilst blogging

    In celebration of 50 blogs and over 250,000 page views, I’ve been having a quick review of the things I have discovered or been reminded of during my blogging adventure so far.

    1. Managers frequently get sacked after just a few months or even a few weeks in charge.

    Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino is something of a trail blazer on this front.

    Back in May, Uwe Rösler became Cellino’s fourth appointment of a head coach, since the Italian became the West Yorkshire side’s owner in April 2014.

    It reminds you of that old joke about being given a season to prove yourself – previous boss Neil Redfearn got the winter!

    This is not a new trend for Cellino, who hired an astonishing 36 coaches during his 22 ...

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