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  1. A few sports apps for your smart phones

    by , 30th September 2014 at 03:57 PM (11v11 blog)
    by B. Money

    If you have a smartphone and have a bit of time on your hands, why not idle a bit of time away playing around with a sports-related Android app? Here we have a quick look at a few of the most popular entertainment options of the early 21st century, including some sports-themed apps, a simulated football game, sports information application and online casino!

    FIFA 14

    The FIFA franchise is the dominant simulated football game, featuring 33 leagues, over 600 licensed teams, and more than 16,000 players. You'll find this pretty user-friendly, optimised for tablets as well as smartphones – while the touch controls can be mastered quickly. FIFA ...

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  2. Tooting and Mitcham, the popular choice for the FA Cup

    by , 29th September 2014 at 11:59 AM (11v11 blog)
    By Citizen Sands

    In my last blog I decided, given that Hereford United were no longer in the competition, I would randomly pick a team to follow into the next round of the FA Cup.

    My unscientific choice is Tooting and Mitcham United. Probably just because I like the name and it resounded with me for some reason.

    Then I remembered why – because of the 1970s comedy sitcom Citizen Smith that starred Robert Lindsay as Wolfie Smith, a young Marxist urban guerrilla living in Tooting in South London.

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    The show was written by John Sullivan, who later wrote Only Fools and Horses. The pilot for the show was first transmitted in 1977 – shortly after the football club’s most famous FA Cup exploit. For ...

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    FA Cup
  3. Hereford United – FA Cup giant killers

    by , 28th September 2014 at 08:23 AM (11v11 blog)
    By Steve Sands (AFS Contributor)

    Whilst other teams were playing in the Second Qualifying Round of the FA Cup this weekend, Hereford United were looking on with envy and contemplating their very existence.

    Rather than seeking out FA Cup glory, the Bulls had to settle for a league game against Hungerford Town in the Southern League Premier Division, which they lost 2-0.

    Hereford’s 2014/15 FA Cup adventure came to an end at the hands of Ellistown & Ibstock United with a 3-2 defeat on 13 September in their first round qualifying tie.

    Hereford’s conquerors are a relatively new team, formed by a merger between Ibstock United and Ellistown F.C.

    Prior to the merger, Ibstock were like Hereford nicknamed the ‘The Bulls’, the ...

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    FA Cup
  4. Golfing Footballers

    by , 25th September 2014 at 08:48 AM (11v11 blog)
    By Steve Sands (AFS Contributor)

    Just a short blog to mark the 2014 Ryder Cup which starts tomorrow at Gleneagles.

    2014 is the first time in more than 40 years, and only the second time in its history, that the tournament has been staged in Scotland.

    I have to admit that the competition is one of my favourite sporting events and is likely to reduce me to being a couch potato for the next few days.

    Making a link to football is pretty straightforward.

    Footballers have been rushing to the golf course after training for generations. And some claim that they could have played the sport professionally.

    Indeed, in 2013 the Professional Footballers Golf Tournament was launched to bring together some of the biggest stars ...

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  5. When booing is definitely not acceptable.

    by , 23rd September 2014 at 07:11 AM (11v11 blog)
    By Steve Sands (AFS Contributor)

    As mentioned in my earlier blog on the topic, it’s the context of any booing at a sporting event that’s key to deciding whether it is acceptable.

    Moving on from the ‘acceptable’ face of booing (for those that believe they have paid their money and have the right to register their disapproval at a poor performance) let’s explore the sinister side of the practice – the booing of players for reason of race, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

    Here there is no grey area and no leeway for such prehistoric behavior. At this point I’ll add that I love the new Arsenal rainbow laces advert now screening on the television. Hits the spot perfectly regarding homophobic behavior. The ...

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  6. On football, blogging and Sex and the City

    by , 21st September 2014 at 12:07 PM (11v11 blog)
    By Steve Sands (AFS Contributor)

    As a novice blogger I was keen, if a little apprehensive, to see what feedback I would receive to my early ventures. You can imagine how surprised I was to get the following reaction.

    “Just had a read of your blog and it made me think of Sex and the City. Carrie Bradshaw used the phrase ‘it got me thinking’ in pretty much every episode.”

    I’ll definitely have to stop using that expression, which got me thinking!
    Surely there can’t be any connections between Sex and the City and football that would allow me to shoehorn this unexpected feedback into one of my blogs. Well here goes, I’m going to attempt it.

    It turns out there was a very strong link earlier in the year. The show made a ...

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  7. Wembley wins right to host Euro final and semi-finals

    by , 19th September 2014 at 11:44 AM (11v11 blog)
    England will be hosting the Euro 2020 final and semi-finals, with a unanimous vote in favour it was confirmed today.

    UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino explained the reasoning behind the plans to host Europe 2020 in multiple locations around Europe, saying:

    "2020 is the 60th anniversary of the European Football Championship. Obviously the fact that the Euro will feature 24 teams instead of 16 puts an additional burden on countries hosting such an event. It becomes much more difficult for many countries – the requirements are becoming bigger and bigger.

    "An opportunity like this, to give many cities and many countries the possibility to host even just one part of a Euro, is certainly an excellent thing, especially in times when you have an economic ...

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  8. When is booing acceptable at a football match?

    by , 15th September 2014 at 09:07 PM (11v11 blog)
    By Steve Sands (AFS Contributor)

    In my first blog for 11v11, I squeezed in a sneaky reference to cricket, my other sporting love. It covered Sepp Blatter’s plans to give managers the chance to use television replays to challenge decisions - a concept that cricket has fully embraced. Although cricket, unlike football, has natural stoppages that allow for such reviews.

    This blog is actually inspired by cricket, after Birmingham born all-rounder Moeen Ali was recently booed by Indian supporters while playing for England at Edgbaston.

    To his Credit Ali told the BBC afterwards that he “wasn't too fussed. It didn't affect me one bit.”

    It got me thinking, is it acceptable to boo at a football match?

    The problem is that ...

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  9. Which football laws would you change?

    by , 13th September 2014 at 02:13 PM (11v11 blog)
    By Steve Sands (AFS Contributor)

    I have been mulling over Fifa president Sepp Blatter’s proposals to give managers the opportunity to use television replays to challenge referees’ decisions during matches.

    Blatter told delegates via a video link at the Soccerex Global Convention in Manchester recently that such a system could be put on trial as early as next year.

    My initial reaction to the idea was - shouldn’t we be making sure that the current laws, or interpretations of those laws, are working as well as they could be before going off on such a radical tangent.

    At this point I have to declare myself a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to such things. Although the introduction of goal line technology was a long ...

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  10. 11v11 vacancy

    by , 24th July 2014 at 09:14 AM
    With the new season fast approaching, we would be delighted to receive any offers of interest from anyone who might like to assist in the inputting of match details throughout 2014-15.

    A commitment of probably no more than two or three hours most Saturday evenings is required, along with a very keen eye for detail.
    Your allocated workload would extend to 12 games per week at the most. Pre-match detail and starting line-ups will, usually, already be loaded. Therefore, your task would chiefly involve adding goalscorers, substitutes and yellow & red cards.
    Previous inputting experience would be an advantage but not essential as full training notes will be provided.
    All training and work can be done from home so applications are welcomed from the UK and further ...
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