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    I knew I should have listened to my own advice "you could quite easily argue home wins for both Newcastle United and Stoke City", as that way it would have been a successful day on the pundit front! Better luck next week maybe with my FA Cup predictions.
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    A much needed win for Hull City yesterday which will hopefully not only improve our odds of avoiding the drop but our actual chances of pulling it off. With the cricket WC in full swing, we were certainly helped against QPR by Joey Barton's attempt at ball tampering. Captains example, which will hopefully stop any thoughts of a recovery. Sunderland and Villa not looking prolific in front of goal is also a relief.
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    Heavy defeat today. Bookies 5 punter 1. Nearly as bad a result and performance as Newcastle at Manchester City. Table topping teams losing on the road when odds on to win. Time to put this result behind me and concentrate on the next game(s). Seemed like sensible picks at the time but the beauty of football is that it isn't predictable as I clearly proved today!!!
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    57% success rate this week. BUT to be fair I did post a warning that the new manager syndrome could turn the Brighton v Forest game from a home win to an away win, which of course it did. In my defence I also flagged in the blog that Colchester was a risky selection and might be one to ignore. Taking those two out of the equation would boost my success rate to 80%. Phones ringing everywhere in the clutching at straws department!
    The other team to let me down was my own side Hull City, which I couldn't be more pleased about. Fancy going and getting a result at Champions Manchester City. Great performance.
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    New Manager Alert. The selections were made before Nottingham Forest decided to have a change of Manager in midweek. This is always a worry when trying to predict matches, as a home win can suddenly turn into an away triumph for the new man at the helm Dougie Friedman. One to ponder before selecting this one, especially if you believe in football superstition.

    Note also that Rochdale's game has been called off so the list is now a Lucky seven rather than the original 8 games that included Dale's home fixture - anyway fingers crossed.
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    To me the club I support is all in the name. If the name changes it is no longer really my club.
    I don't like the idea at Hull as it sounds like American sports, basketball or American football teams or rugby league or worse still Sunday league football names.
    Watching the Everton toffees play Sunderland Black Cats would just be wrong. Very wrong!