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    These girls should have had a primetime slot from day 1 pity it took reaching the quarter finals for the beeb to finally wake up.
  2. Steve Sands's Avatar
    The good news for Burnley is that they are at least guaranteed six points against another relegated side Hull City, who have the Lancashire club firmly earmarked as their bogey outfit - especially as the six points lost last season was ultimately the reason for the Tigers demise.
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    Nice to see Norway beaten. Next challenge is Canada. Be a tough game but think England may be on a roll. Maple syrup on Sunday to celebrate if team can progress even further in the competition.
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    I hope the girls haven't been reading any exerts from old Norse battle cry's in the build up as it would scare the life out of then. Talk of being born without fear, fueled by ancient pride and claiming victory as a rightful prize.

    Time to turn Jerusalem up to full blast on the speakers and get ready to enter the fray!
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    From a glass half full perspective for Hull City, the club's widest victory margin in the league was an 111 win against Carlisle United back in 1939 I believe. That trumps the record defeat!
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    Not sure that the artificial pitches in Canada are going to allow teams to perform to the high standards they'd like to. Early days but pitches seem to make slick passing tricky. Prestigious tournaments should be played on traditional grass I reckon.
  7. Steve Sands's Avatar
    Yes a tricky trio of fixtures for the lionesses but I hope they can indeed win through. Will watch out for Sophie Schmidt in tonights opener as suggested by the last commenter.
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    Be a difficult group to get out of but hope the lionesses can prevail. Watch out for Sophie Schmidt who plays in the opener tonight and scored a cracker against England last week