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  1. Unregistered's Avatar
    I see the new Aston Villa assistant boss Ray Wilkins agrees with you according to an article in the Daily Mail this week where he said:
    “I give the players grief every day. What are you wearing? Especially defenders. You’re a big ugly defender and you’ve got bright yellow boots. What’s all that about?” And pink!”
  2. Steve Sands's Avatar
    I had to laugh the other day when a substitute was prevented from coming on to the field because he was wearing the wrong coloured tape around the bottom of his socks.
    Cue a mad rush to find some white tape to put over the offending coloured tape. I assume this was so that he didn’t stand out unnecessarily or to avoid some sort of clash that would confuse the officials. The guy was wearing bright green luminous, fluorescent boots – which quite frankly clashed with everything else he was sporting!!
  3. Unregistered's Avatar
    The new interpretation of the offside rules looks very sensible on paper and will hopefully clear up some of the problems with the previous application of the offside law. Out of interest the game I attended last Saturday had just four offside flags during the 93 minutes - none of which were controversial or down to the new guidelines just good defending trapping the attacking player making his run too early.