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  1. Unregistered's Avatar
    I would also like to consider myself a traditionalist therfore for me Video technology is a big no!!! I understand it has worked effectively in cricket ans rugby however there are lots of natural stoppages in them games and to challenge decisions in football would consequently slow the game down. I feel goal line technology is great however and saves a lot hassle for the officials also this is a technique that has been developed to work instantly without stoppages to the game. Allowing play to continue if its not a goal or to restart if a goal has been allowed. Also decisions in games are what makes the match - penalty, red card, freekick. I feel strongly on the fact that anybody displaying un sportsmanship behaviour (diving, fighting, arguing with officials) should be shown a straight red card, they dont deserve to be on the pitch showing such behaviour that can easily be avoided.
  2. Stuart Duncan's Avatar
    A tricky one this, as you say without knowing the context of who or what the booing is for hard to say whether justified or not.

    However, considering the often ridiculous ticket prices these days the poor abused fans need some way of expressing their discontent and surely booing is preferable to other more direct, often violent, forms of protest.

    The players should not be so precious and accept that sometimes they have not performed and take their punishment.
  3. Stuart Duncan's Avatar
    Not too fussed about the keepers but would go with the rest. How about straight red for foul &abusive to thr ref or assistant refs. Definately for diving.
  4. Unregistered's Avatar
    I too am quite traditional when it comes to television replays in a live game, before you know it the replays will be sponsored then there will be time for a quick advert and games will last a full day like Baseball and will kill the fast free flowing game we have in this country. However I would like to know what the 4th official does and what powers he or she have? Apart from getting Spurs players booked for dissent and waving the electronic board about? Could they not be given more power or encouraged to speak up when he or she sees something the other officials has missed.
  5. Brian Drever's Avatar
    Like you Steve I am a traditionalist but I err on the yes side for television replays but I think it would have to be selective eg goals allowed/disallowed for offside/not offside etc. The one thing I would add to that is that a television screen be visible to all in the ground to watch the replay and help the fans make up their own mind. It seems to work in cricket and rugby union so why not football.

    As for goalkeepers and time wasting. It must be one of the worst decisions made in the rule book. It is the done thing now to walk to the other side of the goal to take the kick and so frustrating to watch.

    The injured player situation, I think your suggestion that the hatchet person accompany the injured player off the field has merit. At least both sides would be down to ten men for the same period of time.
  6. Normski's Avatar
    I'd give a real yellow card immediately to any player brandishing an imaginary one at the referee.
  7. Jon Spencer's Avatar
    I know this is a contentious issue and open to the opinion of the officials but I would show a straight red card to anybody who tries to deliberately gain an unfair advantage by diving or cheating.