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  1. When does a defeat become embarrassing?

    I’ve always judged the arbitrary cut off point as six. A 5-0 defeat somehow seems acceptable in a sad sort of way. Whereas, when the score gets to 6-0 and beyond then the word ‘thrashing’ seems to firmly come into play.

    What started me off on this train of thought was a BBC article about a game in Estonia. FC Infonet, from the country's capital Tallinn, handed out a 36-0 thrashing to Virtsu Jalgpalliklubi - a team from a town with just 500 residents. It would seem that the coach selected the wrong 11 from the 500 available!

    Virtsu are reportedly enjoying their moment in the spotlight with the number of visits to their website growing at a rapid pace.

    For those with a statistical bent, the score-line of 36-0 will clearly resonate, as it matches ...
  2. Lionel Messi breaks the all-time goal record for Barcelona

    Lionel Messi breaks the all-time goal record for Barcelona

    Lionel Messi hit a hat-trick in the 5-3 win over Granada in La Liga this evening, beating the Barcelona club record of 232 set by Cesar Rodriguez from 1939-1955.

    This is the 24-year old Messi's 2nd goal of the game and 233rd goal for Barcelona:

    Messi has achieved the record in 314 appearances (compared to 354 for Cesar) underlining his status as the finest current player of football, playing in what is arguably the best team ever.

    Messi's Barca goals

    153 La Liga
    49 Champions League
    19 Copa del Rey
    8 Spanish Super Cup
    4 FIFA Club World Cup
    1 European Super Cup

    And here's the current list ...